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Stuttering/general glitchiness with my Rift S?

HighVoltageRatHighVoltageRat Posts: 1
Since I bought it early this year I've been having some troubles using my Rift S because the visuals (and occasionally audio) would sometimes stutter or become misaligned with my movement. At best it's a very small stutter and a slight annoyance and at worst tracking will completely fail along with extreme audio and visual stutter, making the experience completely dreadful. It seems to be worse in more complex games like VRChat or Budget Cuts than in simpler titles like Beat Saber, and it seemed to happen less after straightening out my (admittedly quite tangled) cord, but it didn't remove the problem completely. Does anybody know what's going on and/or how to fix it?

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  • CswORsCswORs Posts: 2
    I am having same problem bud and got an 9700k and 2080ti can't use steam at all with my rift s because of it sad like.
  • AztecAngeloAztecAngelo Posts: 6
    Im also having stuttering issues with visuals even though my hardware isn't breaking a sweat
  • Flexamis9000Flexamis9000 Posts: 1
    Had my Rift S for about a week now. I too have what I can only describe as severe stuttering/screen tearing, but only on head movement: usually only on fast head movement , other times can be any small head movement. Like the picture is "sticking" to where it was. These are NOT big over pronounced 90* head movements and the like, literally get the tearing from just moving my head small increments up/down, left/right.
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  • NovalizNovaliz Posts: 1
    edited April 27
    I have discovered the same issue today. Small stuttering when turning left or right or up and down.
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 2,390 Valuable Player
    Probably nothing to do with your PC, and/or poor settings, lol!  Just kidding. 

    Really, if you are having these problems you should contact Oculus Support and start a ticket.  No one can solve this on the spot imho. and simply complaining about it on any user forum is not likely to get it fixed.  Please do something more constructive.

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  • DracioDracio Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    same problem here now, bought oculus rift s new, because ihad problem with my cv1 and now it is here again
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