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Latest Beat Saber update unplayably laggy

Clixx52Clixx52 Posts: 3
edited April 11 in Support
After a couple months of not playing Beat Saber, I decided to pick it up again to get some exercise while sheltering because of COVID-19.  The game used to run flawlessly, like every other game I throw at my PC.  I have an i9 9900k, 32GB RAM, and a 2080 Ti.  For some reason, now, Beat Saber is unplayably laggy, and even the Oculus menu when I press the Oculus button is almost vomit-inducingly stuttery and laggy.  It's terrible.  The moment I press "Quit Game" the lag disappears.  This happens ONLY in Beat Saber, no other game, whether Oculus or Steam VR.  I switch to Blade and Sorcery or HL Alyx and there are zero issues.  I'm playing with no mods installed, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, reinstalling the Oculus App.  I'm on a Rift S.

Is this a known issue with the latest update, or this configuration of hardware?  I literally cannot play this game when it performs like this.  I have a headache as I type this.  I hope this post is in the right section.



  • Clixx52Clixx52 Posts: 3
    Hey all,
    I found my issue.  We got a new HDR TV, and having HDR on in Windows display settings absolutely kills Beat Saber.  Nothing else, just..  Beat Saber.  Not sure why, but at this point it's easy enough to just turn it off and forget about it for now.  Hope this helps someone else.
  • Clixx52Clixx52 Posts: 3
    Scratch that.  The actual problem only occurs (sometimes) after activating the Oculus menu while in-game and returning to the game, or (always) after taking off the headset and putting it back on.  TV on or off, HDR on or off.  This is kinda ridiculous.

    I'll continue to update this post as I troubleshoot further in case it's useful to someone else.
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