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Guardian Walls show up all the time

Paladin8704Paladin8704 Posts: 3
edited April 13 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
There are a lot of threads about that problem, but those are endless and there aren´t any solutions i could find.

My Guardian walls show up all the time. Just if i hold my touch controllers very near to my body and the center of the "playground" the walls disappear. Hooow can i finally fix this? I don´t want to switch the walls of and cannot draw a gigantic area, because i kind of live in a shoebox. So how can it just work again, like in the very beginning, when i bought that rift..?


  • ifansnekifansnek Posts: 1
    I'm not gonna keep up on this thread, but is your guardian sensitivity set too high? 
    Brain Burst
    Having the same issue.... is there no help?
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