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Order processing time?

WankelGangWankelGang Posts: 2
Those of you that got orders in on Tuesday have you had your card processed or even order shipped? I got the $1 charge and refund to test the card but just wondering how far out the wait for shipping/processing is! Thanks in advance


  • AllGood777AllGood777 Posts: 1
    I am worried about where is my purchased oculus. My account saying that is no order number, but I received confirmation order number. I need to call support but looks like nobody home! Please contact me  
  • nathan.p.morsenathan.p.morse Posts: 2
    no idea, i'm in the same boat. I tried to click a link to see more information but it just recent the same email. making a loop. I ordered mine on the 21st. It said it would ship on the 26th. still no information.
  • L7_Weenie99L7_Weenie99 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an update I ordered yesterday and I can’t even pull up the order status and a payment hasn’t come across my card. I just want to make sure I’m getting my order ASAP. 
  • eric.wentorferic.wentorf Posts: 3
    I had the same thing happen 22Apr. Ordered, looked like it was processing, had the $1 charge show. Then a $1 refund and no order, no confirmation email, nothing. I talked to Support, they said, so sorry, you'll have to reorder. Wasn't available to order until 05May with a 07Jul shipping date. they grabbed the money today (20May), I hope that means I might get it before Jul :)
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