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Wander - easy way to find aerial footage

I love Wander, the ability to stroll down streets using Google's Street View with a great UX, is an amazing way to explore the world. But I also love the aerial footage some people have added. The problem is that there is no way to easily find that footage. So I have three questions:

Does anyone know a way to find aerial footage, even if in Street View first so I know where to look when in Wander?

Or is there a Wander collection just for aerial footage?

Or, I've already made a collection with what I have found. How can I share this with others and can other people add to it (I'd love to allow this)


  • AGL1AGL1 Posts: 48
    Brain Burst
    Do you mean the 3D views you can fly over, around and through on selected areas in Google Earth? I can give you a list of those areas if that is what you need?
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