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Resetting account how are games affected?

Mercenery200Mercenery200 Posts: 2
Hello, I'm going to factory reset my oculus quest and I want to know how my games will be affected. If I factory reset my quest will all the games still be in the library and can simply just be reinstalled. Or if I factory reset will all the games be removed and I will need too have the original email associated with the account reinstated?


  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 172
    If you factory reset, you’ll have to log in with your Oculus account and redownload your apps. You’ll have to have the original username and password. You can certainly create a new account, but purchases are tied to the account, not the headset. Does that help?
  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 516
    • All local app/data (on the headset) is lost.
    • You must reinstall your apps/games from the Store.  If you previously downloaded an app/game; it will be listed as "Purchased" in the store.
    • Any app/game that required a login must be logged back into.
  • Mercenery200Mercenery200 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your reply that certainly helps!
  • andersson031andersson031 Posts: 10
    Them main part for me is an option to restore all the settings and savings.
  • MahjafahjaMahjafahja Posts: 1
    I have a quest and a quest two, if I factory reset the quest (to sell) will I lose everything off of the quest 2 
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,361 Volunteer Moderator
    I have a quest and a quest two, if I factory reset the quest (to sell) will I lose everything off of the quest 2 
    Factory resetting clears content off the device. Resetting one headset will not have any effect on the other. 

    If you plan to sell your old Quest, you should also go to your profile/devices page on the Oculus website and click “Delete Device Data” for that headset, to disassociate it from your account. 
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