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I cannot link my Facebook to my Oculus account.

Julez4991Julez4991 Posts: 1
So I'm trying to Link my Facebook account with my oculus account so I can be able to add people I meet and have friends to play with in VR, but When I log in to my facebook and click on confirm it says "Sorry, something went wrong.

We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."  Is there something I'm doing wrong or Something I can do so I can start adding people?


  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 320
    Have you tried doing this from inside the Oculus app or the headset?
  • SalaciousBCrumbSalaciousBCrumb Posts: 2
    I have this same issue. I cant play with my friend because of this damn issue.
  • dejacultedejaculte Posts: 3
    Same issue here. It's been more than a week. I have the same message ("Sorry, something went wrong..."). What's more, today all my apps disappeared from my Quest.
  • FakesiesCAFakesiesCA Posts: 2
    Having this same issue. June 2, 2020
  • Madmonkey1980Madmonkey1980 Posts: 3
  • apope1981apope1981 Posts: 1
    same issue here are we doing somthing wrong or is it on the facebook side of things . this needs to be fixed or whats the point in having the damn thing

  • SkrapWrldSkrapWrld Posts: 1
    mannn.. i had the same issue and it resolved by changing the email in the oculus settings to the same facebook email you want link before attempting.. even though it doesn't otherwise state they must be the same.
  • LowcheeseLowcheese Posts: 1
    Same as SkrapWrld stated... I only see an option to change my email address to match the one I use for FB. Unfortunately, first I'd tried to create a NEW Oculus account with the FB email. So, now I'm waiting 14 days for that account to be permanently deleted, so that I can reuse the email address. It would be nice if Oculus had an option to bypass the 14 day wait period.
  • sedmisedmi Posts: 3
    same issue here. 3 weeks.
    oculus closed the ticket with coment that this is Facebook problem.. One happy customer here..

  • sedmisedmi Posts: 3
    nope. Even with the same email as in my facebook, it refuses to connect

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