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Do they stop production of oculus rift touch contoller? (CV1)

Kaito_KazeKaito_Kaze Posts: 4
I recently bough oculus rift, I'm afraid of my controller getting broken in the future from incident, so I want to buy replacement for stock(there only left contoller and do not ship to my country), cause I hit a wall and some stuff by incident few time, but not recently, but the chance still there, so yeah, I would like to buy for incase scenario, anybody have stock? I'm live in indonesia btw, thanks!

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  • Kaito_KazeKaito_Kaze Posts: 4
    RuneSR2 said:
    I think they stopped making these controllers a long time ago - but have had some in stock which now is starting to be sold out. 

    I too considered getting a new pair of Touch controllers, but they are really sturdy, so I ended up not buying another pair (for €119). 

    You also run the risk of having a brand new set of controllers you end up never using when new awesome hmds arrive that causes you to completely retire the CV1. I do prefer Knuckels to Touch, due to Revive all is not lost if Touch breaks.. 

    Btw, I do have bad days where I'm sad I didn't buy another set of Touch, but then I think about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  o:) 

    Dont Panic - Hitchhikers Guide Greeting Card by alwatkins1

    it is sad that I just recently buy this like haven't even been a week and know that all the production has stop and possibly software support will stop too...

    btw where did you find controller for 119?

    and I remember that the answer to life is 42, but than again not bad for preparing for the worst lol
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,547 Volunteer Moderator
    The original Touch are damn tough, it takes more than a wall to hurt them. :)

    But the CV1 Rift was discontinued a year ago with the Rift-S becoming it's replacement. They were bound to run out of stock eventually. They may still have enough in reserve for warranty replacements if you bought the rift from an official reseller.

    KaitoKaz said:
     and possibly software support will stop too...
    I wouldn't worry about that. Oculus are still mostly supporting the DK2 and it was discontinued in 2016. The Rift CV1 and Rift-S have far more in common, I don't doubt that the CV1 will continue to be supported in the software for a while (the CV1 is currently the third most common headset in the Steam hardware survey).

    It would be nice if Oculus actually gave official announcements on these things instead of us having to deduce it.
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