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Confirmed Oculus software Rift S stutter.

TheninjageckoTheninjagecko Posts: 6
Brain Burst

EDIT 1: I've just found something out. if I shoot guns one at a time it doesn't jerk, left or right, but If I shoot together that's when the stutter occurs.

EDIT 2: I've tried my quest with link cable and stuttering is'nt there.

EDIT 3: I tested the Steam version and it's smooth as butter. So it seems there is an issue with the oculus store version and the rift S.


Space pirate trainer seems to be stuttering when I shoot the bots. If I don't shoot its smooth as normal. Same thing happens no matter the settings in graphics options.

AMD 3900x and a 2060 Super.

Any ideas?


  • adam.poole.313adam.poole.313 Posts: 173
    edited May 3
    Is it just this game or is it pervasive?

    I've had stutter for many months now (used to work fine). It does tend to be much worse when it has to track both hands. As a test I always hold one hand out in front of me and other by my side and rotate my waist back and forth. With one hand it is more or less fine. When I hold both hands out and rotate it stutters and occasionally sort of freezes and resets. If I use the debug tools the framerate dips by exactly a half frame every time it freezes. Those same games used to do the same thing in Steam up until a recent update that addressed how ASW was triggered in steam. Now all my games play fine in steam I just can't playing anything through oculus software without the stutter.

    Just open a ticket with support and maybe some day they will fix it. I have had a ticket open since Dec on this issue and the tech told me they are aware of a bug and are working on it. The more people that complain directly to them the more seriously they will take this.
    Oculus Rift S, CV1
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  • TheninjageckoTheninjagecko Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    It's just this game

    I've had a reply from SPT dev's saying they know about an issue and its regarding usb and motherboards, but it cant be because it works in SteamVR perfect, its just messed up on the oculus store rift s version.

    SPT is the only game I've noticed it in, but its enough of an issue to make me want to avoid the oculus store.
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