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Problem with mapping buttons on DCS with Oculus controllers

ForgedFantomForgedFantom Posts: 1
I've already ordered a proper HOTAS/Stick but it won't arrive for another week. For now, I am just dealing with the controllers which work alright except that buttons XY,BA do not allow me to map. The trigger and joystick clicks can be mapped but unfortunately not the buttons. Does anyone know a fix for this?


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,744 Valuable Player
    I don't think those can be mapped in DCS currently.

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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,547 Volunteer Moderator
    It lets you map the Touch buttons to keyboard/mouse/gamepad inputs. It might work with DCS.

    You'll need to do a little scripting language editing, there's no user interface for it.

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