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Anyone else not not able to complete forced update?

micahstoufermicahstoufer Posts: 2
It asks me what headset, I tap Gear VR, then it just spins and doesn't update.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355

    Oculus have dropped support for GearVR

  • BrunoAraBrunoAra Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    edited June 30
    Yeah, that is bum. But you can try to connect trough mobile and share a Wi-fi
  • Krista12Krista12 Posts: 1
    So am I understanding this correctly, Samsung has dropped support for GearVR?
  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355

    I believe Oculus provided the GearVR store and Samsung phones from the S20 on aren't compatible.

    It's a shame that Samsung never produced a 6 dof successor to the GearVR. The GVR was one of the most popular VR devices just a few years ago. Although this may be due to the fact they gave them away with phones. Regardless of that, I loved mine. But I love my Quest even more.

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