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I just ordered Oculus Quest, the order says will ship by July 10th?

davecolemdavecolem Posts: 3
Seems like to months is ample time to print an invoice and a shipping label; do they really have them in stock?


  • davecolemdavecolem Posts: 3
    *two months
  • jseamsjseams Posts: 79
    Hiro Protagonist
    When I ordered mine on March 31 it said "Ships by May 12" … it shipped April 9th. The same happened with my Link cable - shipped way earlier than the "by" date.
  • king_dploeking_dploe Posts: 3
    I ordered my headset in early April n it said ships may 25th so I think the orders r just backed up so they gave a longer time then u may actually have to wait, I think it may ships sooner tho
  • davecolemdavecolem Posts: 3
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