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Party chat not working

derpsausederpsause Posts: 2
I just linked my Facebook account to my quest and joined my friends party nether one could hear me nor could I hear them.  I checked everywhere and it says my mic is on and working. My mic also works in game chat just not party chat.


  • bruce.shirey.90bruce.shirey.90 Posts: 2
    We're having the same issues.  I've check all the settings and made sure all of the updates are complete.  Googled everything, and can't find an answer. 
  • gavyn159gavyn159 Posts: 2
  • sportsbeat00sportsbeat00 Posts: 1
    I opened up a ticket with rec room. I think the more people raise this to Oculus and the game apps we can influence change!
  • TomoflongTomoflong Posts: 7
    3rd party apps work fine but party chat doesn't work! This needs fixing 
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