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Samsung gear VR is no longer working on Oculus

Flair16Flair16 Posts: 1
I do not know what app to download for the Samsung gear VR. 


  • micahstoufermicahstoufer Posts: 2
    Just the regular Oculus app - but I'm not able to get past the forced update.  It just sits there.  The only way I can get into the app is if I put my Galaxy s10 plus in airplane mode, start the app, I get in, then I turn airplane mode off.  This gives me a little time to set up screen casting and whatever else I need to do.  Then inevitably it forces the update again.  It really sucks, because they've essentially ended support.  Sucks.
  • texmw1texmw1 Posts: 1
    Great, just bought a used VR and update has been going on for an hour.
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