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Quest - No headphones detected

JellyHairJellyHair Posts: 1
edited May 12 in Support
Recently Sound has stopped working on my Quest over Questlink. It was working fine a few days ago but today I can't get it to output sound. Sound works perfectly when not connected to the computer and playing standalone Quest titles.

I've tried:
  • Reinstalling the Oculus software.
  • Removing the oculus audio devices from device manager and getting it to detect them again
  • Restarting both my computer and the Quest (a lot)
  • Switching the USB port the Questlink is plugged into to another USB 3 port
Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas how to resolve it?


  • microviewmicroview Posts: 1
    edited May 19
    I am having the same issue. The 'Oculus Virtual Audio Device' was not available from system sound settings. So I resolved it by either removing my LG 4K display as an output device that is using HDMI and/or when I opened settings > sound > click 'Troubleshoot Button' located under the Master Volume control. In the 'Which of these devices do you want to troubleshoot' I found and selected 'Headphones - Oculus Virtual Audio Device (Current Default Device). The app suggested turning off sound effects and enhancements so I turned off spatial sound. Then I selected 'Yes, Open Audio Enhancements' and under Levels I cranked up the sound to 50 as it was at 0. Closed the dialog box and now the headphones suddenly show up again under the systems sound settings in the taskbar. 
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