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VRChat Tracking Won't Work

I have been trying to figure out for like 9 hours straight on why VRChat tracking won't work.
The headset will work, and the rotation in my avatars wrist, but the 3D tracking on the arms will not work. 
The tracking WILL work for about a minute or two in VRChat, but will randomly just turn off. At one point last night I had it working for about 15 minutes, but all I did was reset the guardian playspace in Oculus VR Home, but I tried it again today and it didn't make a different in VRChat.
The tracking works perfectly fine in Oculus Home, Steam Home and Beatsaber, but in VRChat it's just broken.
I tried reinstalling VRChat, I tried reinstalling Oculus Rift App. I tried messing with the settings in Steam VR Home, but I just don't know. 

If someone could help me or have some tips, I would super appreciate it.

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