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Lens ring removal

henryparr3039henryparr3039 Posts: 2
Trying to put in the glasses spacer but I cannot get the lens rings off. They are so tight on I'm afraid I'll break something if I pull any harder. Is there a technique??


  • jseamsjseams Posts: 84
    Hiro Protagonist
    Why are you trying to take the lens rings off for the spacer? The spacer is completely separate from the lens rings. If you are trying to add prescription lens inserts then you would need to remove the rings - at least for my VirtuClear inserts from FramesDirect. They should just pop off if you lift on a corner.
  • henryparr3039henryparr3039 Posts: 2
    I am trying to take the lens rings off for the spacer because thats what the instructions say -  in the help section of the website under how to set up oculus go there is a section  'how do I use with glasses',  and there is a video showing a woman casually removing the rings. Are you saying I can use the glasses spacer without removing the rings? Have you done that? 
  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 226
    Nexus 6
    jseams said:
    Why are you trying to take the lens rings off for the spacer?
    I think he has a Go.  On the Go, in order to remove the facial interface, he has to remove the rings.

    To remove the rings; slowly work your thumb, index and middle finger, between the plastic and the foam.  Gently use the thumb and fingers as levers to push the rings off.
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