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unable to connect oculus go to my flashrouter wifi

dinslow11dinslow11 Posts: 2
hello, hope all are safe during these times. nyc essential worker here with a bit of a problem (aside from the pandemic). bought an oculus go. had the flash router for a while now. their support isn't helpful at all, as they want a subscription for the help I am asking. I see all 3 of my wifi networks in the list in my headset. 2.4ghz and 5g from isp modem, which I can connect to either just fine. but I just feel more comfortable using my flashrouter. I am able to see it in the list, but I keep getting an authentication error (incorrect password) then just "saved" is beneath the network. it never connects. logging in to the FR app gets me into the router. I tried that password as well as a few others, to no avail. Now my laptop, galaxy s20 ultra, android tv box, smart tv all can connect to either of the 3 with ease. but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what I need to configure. is it the headset? the flashrouter? is it a firewall or security issue? is something blocked? do I need to switch something on or off? any advice would be greatly appreciated. stay safe all.

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