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Status of the hand tracking for Rift S?

Fri13Fri13 Posts: 55
Hiro Protagonist
While back there were lot of rumors about Rift S being worked for the hand tracking like Oculus Quest. 
But what has happened to it? The last Oculus event was silent about Rift S that made people worry about Oculus abandoning Rift S months after release....

I have very few wishes for hand tracking in Rift S.

  1.  Have a either hand index finger tip to be a mouse cursor in any application or window desktop (virtual mouse). To swap between left/right hand it would be that which one came visible last. 
  2.  Have a thumb to be a virtual mouse click. Like tap index finger with thumb to left click, and extend thumb away from index finger to be a right click.
  3.  Have a pinch effect (touch index finger tip with thumb) to be a middle mouse button so example in WWW browser it becomes scroll up/down by moving hand up/down. But allow in Oculus software it to be made a virtual mouse wheel, so moving hand up/down scrolls faster up/down depending distance from position of pinching.

The other way would be that tracking is in the tip of the thumb. As tapping its tip is easy with index finger without moving a thumb. And then thumb could be used as well to page up/down effect for placing thumb sideways and then flicking it up/down by turning wrist. 

It would allow easy double taps and drag'n'drop with thumb control, as well for better tracking one could just even rip small piece of white paper and place it on the thumbnail and it would be easy to be tracked in low light. 

I don't want to wait handtracking so that we could have a fancy 3D model of our hand that is then projected in the 3D games etc. I would need just the mouse cursor simulation to work in the first place. And that shouldn't be too difficult to do. 

As this would allow a lot of computer desktop use, many flight and driving simulators that requires mouse clicking and simply make the Rift S more useful very quickly. 
Later on they could implement whatever kind 3D hand tracking modeling to games, but when I am shooting something, I want to feel the physical gun grip in my hands.  


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,708 Volunteer Moderator
    Hand tracking, as it currently is, would probably work quite well with sims. There's a lot of stabilisation and smoothing applied to the pointing from what I can see and it's probably sufficient for virtual control panels provided the switches aren't too close together.

    I've estimated accuracy of finger positioning to be around 25mm, so that stabilisation is definitely necessary. Generally though. I've gotten frustrated at the awkwardness of controlling menus with hands in the Quest and I've always switched back to controllers after quite a short time.

    I'm guessing development is ongoing to improve this so that interactions just get more usable and whilst that development work goes on I think it's possibly unlikely that they'd develop the tracking for the Rift at the same time. I don't know the size of the dev team or the resources they're putting into it. It's just my guess that Rift hand tracking (if it comes) will follow after Quest is at a satisfactory level. There would obviously be a lot of commonality between Quest and Rift hand tracking but I think there are sufficient differences that it's not simple task to implement on a different headset.

    The current lockdown situation won't be helping resources either.
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  • LemonyPepLemonyPep Posts: 16
    Don't expect it.
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