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YUR - v16 Firmware Update - Announcement

dilanshahdilanshah Posts: 31 Oculus Start Member
edited May 19 in Oculus Quest
Hey this is Dilan from YUR. For all our users that like YUR, we wanted to make a general announcement that the V16 firmware disabled the method we used to render the persistent overlay in our app, this was done due to security reasons outside of the scope of YUR. We have been receiving a lot of messages and reviews who are upset about this. However, the app still works. In addition, a lot of developers were coming to us asking if they can develop apps with this overlay functionality. During a time where people are stuck inside, using the Quest as a supplementary fitness device is a great value for a lot of people.

 A few key points to get across:

1. Persistent notifications and the overlay were a requested feature by developers and users.
2. We never used the method for anything beyond fitness metrics.
3. We respect the security and performance limits of the Quest and ToS.
4. We and several developers are looking for methods of legitimizing this type of application.

 Thank you Oculus and our users for your support.


  • SycoclownSycoclown Posts: 1
    I absolutely loved the overlay, being able to see and track in real time how I was doing fitness-wise was such a huge morale boost to keeping up with VR fitness/rhythm games every day.
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