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How do I use a different microphone for in-game chat?

apersonthingyapersonthingy Posts: 1
I recently dissected an old Blue Snowball microphone and hot glued it (yes, VERY ghetto) to my Rift S. (Ran an extra USB cable to my PC for audio)

Part of the inspiration for doing this is that my Rift S microphone sounds bad at best, and indecipherable at worst. Also I'm an audiophile snob and want the best audio in everything I do.

The microphone works and sounds absolutely incredible by VR standards, but I can't figure out how to use it in-game. I switched my default device in sound control panel and even went as far as disabling the Rift S microphone with no luck. If I want to stream or record anything, I can use the microphone and it'll sound great. However if I want to use it in-game (I have gotten multiple complaints about how bad my Rift S mic is) I can't. Any suggestions? Thanks :smile:

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