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How can I log into the Oculus Quest Store version of Rec Room with my Steam login/account?

Hey_Matty_BHey_Matty_B Posts: 8
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I'm playing Rec Room for the first time. I have an Oculus Quest, which is connected to my PC via the Oculus Link cable. So I open up Steam and fire up Rec Room, and it immediately asks me if I want to continue under my Steam Account Name, which I did. I didn't sign up for any separate Rec Room account, just played under my Steam account. Super easy, no problems there.

The Quest Store has its own version of Rec Room, which might not run as well, but it is wireless (without the bugs/hassle of Virtual Desktop), which can be convenient--especially if you're away from your desktop. I understand that RR is fully cross-platform, so I figure, "Hey, play the Steam version when you can, play the Quest Store version when the desktop isn't available." So I downloaded the Quest Store version as well. And all I'm trying to do is log into the Quest Store version of RR and access my character, as I've already played the game under my Steam account. But I can't log in.

Like I said, I never signed up for a RR account. I was automatically logged into my Steam account while playing on the PC. When I first opened the Quest Store version, I was prompted to enter my username/password. I tried putting in my Steam info, but no dice. I've gone to the Rec Room site and attempted to log into my account but there isn't one. I requested a password change through the site, but never received an email (because I never set up an account through the site/app, and I've only used my Steam account)?

Finally, I tried to set up a new account on the Quest Store version using my Steam username and it said I already had an account under that username? I know! But how can I log into it? LOL.


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,440 Volunteer Moderator
    I think Rec Room has its own account system separate from your platform account (it’s been a while since I used it, so I could be wrong about that)... maybe the Steam version automatically creates an account for you? I would try going into the Steam version and look at your account settings in-game. Maybe you can update it and associate an email address, and then try again to log into the Quest version with those account details. 
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  • Hey_Matty_BHey_Matty_B Posts: 8
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    Ugh, I finally figured it out. Yes, Steam automatically logs you in under your Steam username, but you have to register that name in-game by clicking on your profile, getting an email sent, and then verifying the email. So simple, but I completely missed it. 

    Kind of stupid and embarrassing, but hey, maybe someone else will have the same problem and can find the answer here. (I swear, I did a lot of online searching but couldn't find an answer!) 
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