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VR for disability/rehabilitation

joeOTrehabjoeOTrehab Posts: 3
Hi all,

I work in the a rehabilitation service (spinal injury, stroke, head injury, trauma, amputations) and we would love to explore using VR and Oculus Quest as part of our rehabilitation service. We would like to use the devices as a great novel way of increasing satisfaction and engagement, including doing some research to show if it can be truly beneficial and improve peoples function.
We understand these devices can be used for great entertainment purposes, however we would like to explore their therapeutic benefits. Our aim is to increase hand/arm function, balance etc, so the higher-end graphic games are less relevant than the ability to focus on the use of hand/arm movements, balance etc (improving on a Wii-like platform to include the 3D component of reaching etc.).

We would greatly appreciate any direction on the following:

1) Any advice on ways to access the units at a cheaper rate/donation to our service.

2) Any known ways to modify the hand controls for people with reduced hand/finger function (stroke, quadriplegic spinal injury) - disabling buttons to reduce the chance they get knocked.

3) Any suggestions on games that require limited hand function (I.e. point and dwell for selection/drag items - games such as jigsaw puzzles, art etc that use arms, but don't necessarily require fingers).

4) Suggestions on games that can be played in sitting/wheelchair.

5) Games that include the ability to modify game difficulty levels to accommodate varying levels of ability (speed of button press, arm movement, balance etc, distances required to reach, walk etc)

TIA, any advice greatly appreciated.


  • joeOTrehabjoeOTrehab Posts: 3
    To add to the above:

    Although there are many specific robotic devices and specific hospital-related devices and technologies out there, we would like to explore how commercially available devices can be used for rehabilitation, to enable people to continue with rehab and improving their function once they return home from the hospital setting.

    Our current thoughts for basic games use in rehab include:
    - hand tracking for art-type games (Squiggle)
    - gross arm movements in standing or sitting/wheelchair (beat saber).

    Once we get the devices, we want to find mainstream games that could be easily accessed by anyone at home.
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