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Does the Oculus Quest come with a compatible link cable?

jagr0399jagr0399 Posts: 15
Hello! My name jagr and I am purchasing my very first vr headset ever! sadly the main one I was planning to buy was the oculus rift s but it is sold out sadly and do not know when it will restock. but anyways I was looking around in the oculus quest and saw what it came with but also saw the cable there too. is that cable compatible with the new oculus quest link?


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 980
    edited May 20
    Oculus recently released a software update that means the supplied cable can be used with Oculus Link. 

    However the supplied cable is currently only USB 2.0 and the recommendation is really to use a USB 3.0 cable, or for best results the official Oculus cable. The original purpose of the supplied cable was only for charging the headset and data transfer. 

    I have tested some games with Link with the supplied cable. Some work relatively well, but other more demanding games done perform well at all. 

    Please also note that Oculus Link is still beta and doesn’t always work perfectly.
  • jagr0399jagr0399 Posts: 15
    im still waiting on the rift s to restock. i was reading around and saw that they restock on tuesdays?
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,262 Volunteer Moderator
    Yes, they do seem to restock on Tuesdays. There was a bigger restock this week, with Quest and Rift S being available online and through retailers. They seemed to take longer to sell out, so maybe that’s a sign that stock is starting to move in greater volumes again. 
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  • jagr0399jagr0399 Posts: 15
    alright hopefully i can get my hands on one this weekend
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