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Oculus Rift black screen but audio still works

Failedmite57926Failedmite57926 Posts: 11
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After Fixing the oculus can't connect to service problem another one arrives where when I play games the audio comes through but the display does not show anything at all other than black my monitor shows what i'm doing so the tracking is fine but the screen does not work I unplugged my HDMI cable and re-plugged it back in same with USB but nothing changed I opened the face plate and found out that the cable inside the headset is really hot so I let it cool down and then I plug back in all of the sudden the display has light in it and audio was playing through but then it stopped I updated my drivers reinstalled oculus I did all I can so if any of you know how to fix this please tell me My oculus rift CV1 is refurbished so I don't quite know if it arrived DOA I will list pictures when needed.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 769 Oculus Staff
    Hi @Failedmite57926, I'm sorry to hear to hear you're having issues with your Rift. If you haven't already, please check to see if there is any damage to the connectors (bent pins, etc). Also, if you're using any kind of adapter or extensions with your headset, try connecting directly to your PC instead. If you need more help, please contact support here with your Oculus Diagnostic Logs. Thanks! -Rick
  • Failedmite57926Failedmite57926 Posts: 11
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    Sorry I took so long but my wires were tangled and i did not know that plus my hdmi was loose on the oculus rift i fixed it though thanks for trying to help
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