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Defect or not?

brad.mannion.5brad.mannion.5 Posts: 1
Ok, everyone, this may seem like a stupid question, but here goes.  I just bought an Oculus Quest and I noticed what seemed to be a defect on both lenses in the same exact place on each lens and it looks like a permanent smudge and when I use the headset I see a smudge or blur spot. So I sent it back. but then I had a friend say it might not be a defect and I'm just not adjusting it right. Does anyone have any info for me?   Also, I know that the spacer is for people that wear glasses but is there anything I can do to increase the clarity as I'm an old fart and have to use readers but I noticed that the readers don't work and the focus adjustment doesn't quite go far enough without them. I have to use 1.50 readers. Thanks, everyone in advance :smile:


  • jseamsjseams Posts: 84
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited May 20
    You should absolutely not be using reading glasses in the Quest. I’m mostly near sighted, but need bifocals or progressives. However I use single vision lens inserts in my Quest with no issues. The focus point is about 6’ (2m) in front of you. If you need glasses to see something clearly that is 6’ from you then you will need glasses/contacts/inserts to see in the headset. Reading glasses will probably affect your distance vision negatively and make things more blurry. 

    You can also use the glass spacers regardless - they give a little bit more room and some people use them to prevent their lashes from smudging the lenses.
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