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Oculus Link cable connected, but does not load Home in Quest

bobarhett13bobarhett13 Posts: 22
Brain Burst
Link worked on my Quest and PC a month ago.  I tried it recently.  Cable is connected with green check, but I get a Windows Hardware Notification that Oculus isn't working correctly.  I click the notification and it send me to a useless trouble shooting page.  Tried various forum ideas including turning off Nvidia Experience overlay, power management on USB-C, nothing.  In the Quest, I get asked about transferring files.  I have tried selecting Deny and Allow.  Both do the same result: not work.  I select Allow for Enable Link.  I get the three white loading dots and/or a black screen.  Hardware notification pops up a couple of times.


  • rmp135rmp135 Posts: 2
    Have you managed to fix this? I get the same thing. Loading dots, black screen and hardware notifications when connecting the Link cable. I've factory reset the Quest and I still can't connect.
  • rmp135rmp135 Posts: 2
    Managed to get it working again by reinstalling graphics drivers.
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