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Rift S Software Reboot Loop/ 3 Dot Screen

BigJimHunterBigJimHunter Posts: 11
So I have been having this problem for almost a month and I do have a support ticket that is just as old but, I want to know if anyone has a fix for it outside of Oculus support. My software for Oculus keeps telling me that it needs to restart. I restart everything and then if I touch the headset, nudge it, pick it up, anything physical to it, the error comes back stating that the software needs to restart. It is as if the sensors are damaged yet, they are not. I can prove this because literally the day before update 17 was pushed out, I was playing Alyx with 0 issues. I put on the headset and now I get the three running dots.

I am using a GTX titan Black Graphics card and I had to purchase the Fresco USB board that was recommended by Oculus. This was how I got my device to work and now it is a paper weight.

Help me out guys and appreciate any feedback you have!


  • That_One_NoobThat_One_Noob Posts: 1
    As soon as the Quest is free of any bug possible they might just happen to fix this. So basically never. I've had a similar problem with my Rift S since December where it would just send me through an endless loop of prompting me to restart the Oculus software and submitted a ticket around March when I gave up with trying to do it myself with the forums being no help. Gotta say this is a really fancy paper weight so far. Halfway through writing this, I went and tried to use a powered USB Hub again after a while and it's doing the exact same thing as yours, one slight nudge and it decides that it wants me to resart.

    I have a GTX 1070 and a Blackweb USB hub. I just wanna play some Boneworks!
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