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VR as cure for vertigo and a path to get VR sea legs in a quick time

killkrtkillkrt Posts: 7
Brain Burst

I have two topics that may be a little related.

I suffer from vertigo in a bad way (cannot stand in my balcony at fourth floor) and I was wonder if there are some apps/games that can be used to fight this fear in the real life.
I read this BBC article (3 years ago) and I would like to know if there is something new about this kind of research.

Motion sickness
I also suffer motion sickness from VR, in real life I just suffer spinning stuff and few videogames.
Anyway it is getting better (I am trying to make little steps everyday with my Oculus Quest and eating ginger ;)), but I was wondering if there is a suggested path to follow (from Oculus or experts) in order to getting better and getting sea legs in a quick time.

In general it would be great if Oculus and other big companies would provide some kind of tools/apps/games that could drive the newcomers in these topics, AFAIK a lot of people is repelled by VR because of motion sickness or vertigo, so these are important topics.

Thank you



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