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Error during instalation process

SzalonyPoligonSzalonyPoligon Posts: 3
edited May 22 in Support
Hi, so 2 days ago I reinstalled my Windows 10 because I wanted to refresh my system after many years. After that I installed all the necessary drivers, some other aplication too without any issue but I can't installl Oculus app, which I had before on my PC and I used it quite a lot.

The message is in Polish, but it says "Check internet connection" and it happen few seconds after launching Oculus.exe

I've tired do many things such as:
  • chekcing my internet connection, reseted my router, etc,
  • I download OculusSetup.exe with times,
  • disabled Windows Defender Firewall before instalation,
  • installed VCRedist,
  • updated Windows,
  • removed all the Oculus folder,
  • switched to DOCP (im using AMD, so I don't have XMP)
I don't know what to do next. 
Help, thanks!

The error Im getting is releated to "Daybreak Native.dll"


  • SzalonyPoligonSzalonyPoligon Posts: 3
    edited May 23
    I run memtest86 and turns out, Im getting a lot of issues. 

    Now I need to update BIOS, then check if Oculus Setup will pass through - if yes, then cool, if not then RAM might causing some issue (hopefully only RAM) 
  • SzalonyPoligonSzalonyPoligon Posts: 3
    edited May 23
    Tested RAMs already in different configs and each time i was getting errors on each ram. Then i tested CPU using Prime95 and got 2 errors on 7 and 8 thread.

    Based on my IT friends suggestion i decided to change to DOCP in bios but nothing really good happend. Then we changed voltage manualy seting up proper values. Issue was still there but i was getting much less errors on 4 stocks RAM than before (then 2000 errors at 9min, now 20 errors at 9min if that's mean anything). I was still getting issues with CPU on 7 and 8 thread.

    Somehow that helped me to install Oculus Setup. Anyway im not sure if thats fine to use PC with that config now, because during last Prime95 test my PC got crashed.

    Maybe my description will help others :) 

    P. S Memtests showed errors on 6 and 7, does it mean 0 for memtest86 is 1? If so, then it fits to the issues with CPU threads that im getting so issue might be with CPU. 
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