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USB performance decreased after installing oculus software. Anybody else?

DwelgazDwelgaz Posts: 1
I recently had the problem that (out of nowhere) the range of my wireless keyboard/mouse/headset decreased in such a way, that it only worked when the
devices were in close proximity to the dongle (bluetooth ASUS BT400 or Logitech Unifying). I checked each usb port on my machine.

I checked for errors such as WiFi interference, Drivers, .... Other devices such as tablet, phone and PCs didn't have the issue.
After I could not solve the problem, I formatted the PC and began from scratch.
Then, the connections worked perfectly.

However: The moment I installed oculus software and connected my quest via link (official link cable), the connection problems began.
I couldn't solve the issue by uninstalling everything oculus related. So... I formatted again^^.

Does anybody else had problems like this in recent memory? Or does anyone has a solution for the problem
From my point of view, it seems like a recent patch somehow interacted with the usb controllers or drivers.
There are no changes to energy plans or similar. 
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