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Technical info

SaraMACChSaraMACCh Posts: 1
Good morning,
We are writing you because we need some technical information about OCULUS RIFT S device, in order to use it for academic research.
In particular we need to know:
. The number of installed cameras and their resolution
. What is the output of these cameras
. If we can take images from real world and obtain these also as output
. If images caught through the camera are black and white or full color
. If the device supports Linux as operative system and if not, if it is possible to create an interface suitable with Linux
. If it is possible ti add an eye tracker and what type is compatible
Thank you
Kind regards


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 349

    There's 5 cameras, they're monochrome IR and the resolution isn't great. Probably comparable to the depth cameras on phones. That's probably all the info you'll find on the community forum. There's also a developers forum. That would be a better place to ask.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,424 Volunteer Moderator
    The cameras aren't accessible by developers for privacy reasons.
    Linux isn't supported.
    There's very little room for an eye tracker. Certainly not a typical consumer one.
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