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How do I download the oculus app the Mac OS?

On the settup page there seems to be only a windows download. Am I missing something or is it just not supported?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,355 Volunteer Moderator
    No, MacOS is not supported. You would have to install Windows 10, but before diving into that, I would check whether your Mac meets the minimum hardware requirements
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  • LewryuLewryu Posts: 20
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    It’s not supported on Mac OS. Only on Windows 10. And, don’t bother.


    There are ways to install a Windows 10 onto Macs, BUT your basically having to add another OS into your Mac, installing drivers, and then install Oculus app (which is 23GB), suggests to give 80GB for all of this and for updates later on. Also, buying adapters, maybe? (Quest or Rift S).

    I suggest you watch this video to better understand the circumstance your putting your Mac in. Also, read the description.
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  • PixelatedplayerPixelatedplayer Posts: 1
    Will the app EVER come to macOS Big Sur or future updates?
  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,195 Volunteer Moderator
    Oculus dropped macos support 6 years ago, and hasn't mentioned restoring it. Valve dropped macos support from SteamVR last year.
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  • Howie_DoodatHowie_Doodat Posts: 45
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    edited January 14
    I would really look into the specs of your Mac vs the requirements for PCVR, before you consider using boot camp and putting windows on your mac. It’s pretty unlikely that the graphics card is up to the task of VR, as VR is far harder on your computer than none (even high res) VR gaming. Unfortunately, macs aren’t generally great for gaming. 

    Also, if you aren’t trying to PC game and you just need the app for setting up the headset, you can do that on any smart phone. 
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