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Disable oculus link

El_inEl_in Posts: 24
Brain Burst
I use my quest mostly to develop with unity. 
Since a lot of things have to be tested on the headset itself i'm depended on a build that runs on the quest.
When Oculus link was only for USB3 everything works fine since I just had to use a USB2 port to build and run. 
But since the last update every time I put on the quest I get the Oculus link popup. Sometimes when I select not now the quest fezzes until it reboots automatically.
Is there any way to disable Oculus link completely?


  • WithoutWaxN7WithoutWaxN7 Posts: 1
    I was able to use Task manager to kill the Oculus Server runtime thing and that killed the popup when I plugged in. This allowed me to enable debugging without the link popup ruining it. Its a background task so just closing the app on the desktop isn't enough. Hope this helps
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