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Phone Notifications In-Game

owenboiiiiowenboiiii Posts: 1
edited May 2020 in General
I think that for all of the Oculus headsets, there should be a feature where you can use the Oculus app to get phone notification on the headsets. Since you need the Oculus app to set up a headset anyways, I think this would be very useful. When you connect your headset to the app for setup, it could keep the Quest, for example, connected to your phone so it can access your notifications and let you view them in the headset. I would love to see this feature in Oculus headsets, especially the Quest and Go due to their portability. Also, for the Rift S or Quest with Oculus Link, you could also view your PC's notifications.
I know that this could break the immersion, but it would be a toggleable feature, maybe you can toggle it for specific games, like have it turned on for social games like VRChat, but off for games like Alyx.

Thanks for your time,
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