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Attaching an Order Made as Guest to my Oculus Account After-the-fact

TheWhiteOgreTheWhiteOgre Posts: 2
Is it possible at all to turn my order, made as a guest, into a legitimate order through my account? There isn't any tracking information available, and clicking the links, as has previously been mentioned, results in an error message stating: "Make sure your link matches the one provided in your email. To send yourself a new link go to the Guest Portal login page."

Following that instruction provides a new email with the exact same issue. The real meat-and-potatoes of the thing is, though, is there any way to attach a current order to my actual account? I get it, making an account prior to making a purchase is the ideal course of action, but many of us aren't thinking of that kind of commitment, even though in hindsight we're paying a significant amount of money for something that will hopefully become a relevant part of our entertainment regimen.


  • choshenchoshen Posts: 3
    I have the excat same problem right now. Due to COVID19 it was almost  constantly out of stock so when i got a notification about the oculus quest being back in stock I didn't stop to think and immediately purchased a headset as a guest... did you find any solution to this problem?
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,812 Volunteer Moderator
    edited May 29
    mmm that's a tricky one. I think someone at Oculus would have to do it manually and there could be security issues relating to proof of purchase. I mean the website is set up to accept bank details and user details in a secure way and that would have to be put to one side to check before attaching the sale.

    From Oculus' point of view they'd probably also want to avoid any possibility of wrongly attaching purchased headsets to people who didn't buy them. For example, there are a few people reselling on ebay at marked-up prices because of the supply issues at the moment. Effectively they're unauthorised resellers who probably use guest accounts to purchase, there would be an advantage in transferring the warranty to the final owner, which isn't allowed.

    My advice would be to open a support ticket with Oculus and explain the problems your having with delivery tracking etc. they may be able to sort that out.
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  • TheWhiteOgreTheWhiteOgre Posts: 2
    I admit I've been reluctant to hit the support ticket button. Still, thanks for the info.
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