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Jeep Trek VR v0.1

sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
Hiro Protagonist
edited August 2014 in Games and Apps

I've taken my first foray into Unity development and I'm here to share the results. My ultimate goal is to make a couple dark rides (like Splash Mountain or those old Haunted Houses at carnivals), but I had to start somewhere, and Jeep Trek is it! I apologize for the lack of quality, but this is only my first shot!

The Story

You are on the roof of a jeep. No need to worry, because the driver is taking it nice and slow! All you need to worry about is looking around at the scenery. One loop only takes a minute or so, so have a nice ride and you'll be done in no time!


No controls, just look around!






And finally, please let me know if you find any bugs, or if I'm missing some things that every Unity Oculus game should have. Thanks!


  • sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
    Hiro Protagonist
    My sad, sad game is too lame for comments, lol
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Cool, I must have missed this one.

    Not bad for your first try at Unity.
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  • OZiOZi Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    edited August 2014
    just tried it out. there's definitely a place for these types of VR rides/tours through landscape.

    felt exceptionally smooth and responsive head-tracking which was what stood out straight away compared to the other 200+ demos I've tested.

    nice work sephirenn, keep it up :)
  • I assume this does not work with the DK2 yet. But I really would like to test it :P
  • NightauditorNightauditor Posts: 181
    Oh, I assumed this was for DK2, if it is DK1 compatible, I´ll try tonight.

    Although my DK2 is already shipping, and supposedly arrives here tomorrow! I can´t wait.

    Maybe DK2 support is something to think about.
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    I'm not sure this is not DK 2 supported.

    I think that he have used the 0.3.2 SDK that currently support the DK 2 but without positional tracking.

    I suggest you to update this demo to the 0.4.1 for a full DK 2 support.
  • sephirennsephirenn Posts: 90
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wait are you guys serious!? I made this just as a basic demo to try to learn Unity. It is nothing special and really quite short. But if you want me to convert it I should be able to do that rather easily in the next couple days. I will post a new download once I update it.

    As a previous commenter mentioned, my goal with VR would be to create similar experiences to this, not to make actual games. I'll leave that to the advanced developers. I'm working on a new experience now but unfortunately my noob skills show through a little too much.
  • thebkothebko Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    Good job for a first try and good luck for next builds !
  • OZiOZi Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    maybe i confused people with my comment about it standing out compared to the 200+ demos I've tried. I was referring to the smoothness of the head-tracking. A lot of demos I try will sit at 120fps but will not be as comfortable as this demo. Not sure what causes that difference.

    Though I did enjoy the simple experience and wanted to give some feedback to a budding developer :) All the best with what you are working on now
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