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Rift S freezing games and losing audio

Warriorsmustang17Warriorsmustang17 Posts: 1
, I have been having this issue for months now. When I'm playing games, or i'm in oculus home, I sometimes lose audio. In the gif that I attached i'm playing a song in Beat Saber, I get a lag spike, then I lose all audio. The game freezes up completely, but this is unique to Beat saber, and that's not my primary concern. My concern is this happens in Oculus home also, so this isn't a steam vr problem or a problem with the game. Other people that I've seen also have this problem with the quest too. I included the time and the steam vr log in the video so the exact moment it crashed can be determined. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling oculus, beat saber, steamvr, everything. I'm at a loss. 

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