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One lense worse than other, am I imagining it, please help

Longfellow78Longfellow78 Posts: 11
I have been experiencing blurry peripheral vision in my new headset, and it just felt wrong. It seems that some blur when not in the centre is expected, but I have since realised (by opening and closing my eyes and moving my head) that the right lens maintains the sharpness much closer to the edge before the blur kicks in. In the left lens it is only clear in the very centre and moving my eye slightly immediately goes bluury. Is this something anyone else has experienced?

Thanks a lot.


  • borealcatborealcat Posts: 2
    Hi there, I experience the same with the Oculus Quest! Any fix that you have found? I found adjusting interocular distance helped, but does not eliminate it. I also find a smudge on an area near middle of left lens, yet the lens is clean when inspected carefully... perhaps dirty on inside? I've only used this Quest for a few weeks. I've wondered whether it is condition of my eyesight which might also be a culprit (I use glasses for computer and reading)... but both eyes are very similar. Would be interested to know if you found any solution.
  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 987
    edited October 11
    i find my left eye sees worse then when i move the rift with my hand over my eyes i see better which means my eyes arent perfectly in the spots you imagine the eyes to be but one eye is more farther out. just a bit farther out than the other like 2 or 3 ipd but the eyes on the head are misplaced enough the rift lens don't cover the eyes symmetrically.

    also my ipd is 72 and the rift is set to 71.

  • borealcatborealcat Posts: 2
    Thanks for that, I will continue to try adjusting.
  • KillaJammKillaJamm Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    Could it possibly be an issue with your eyesight that this has made you aware of? Try it when reading a book to see if you have the same issue, if not then maybe contact support? 
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