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Original Rift Black Screen

Gr4nndGr4nnd Posts: 1
edited June 7 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Still not sure if it's a software or hardware issue but my Rift has black screens. It was working fine yesterday with all of the stuff I'm mentioning nothing new has changed but I still want to mention it. I'll play for around let's say like 10 minutes and then my screen will go black. I still hear sound but its black while playing VRChat people can still hear me(sometimes). I have electrical tape on a area of my chord where a Ziptie cut in because I would ziptie my cable to my headset to get it out of my face that part has exposed cable that could of been damaged by the ziptie I think I had it on for about a year until I realized and got vr pulleys which also brings me to my second part which is I use vr pulleys and to make my vr headset longer I use 0.9m(3ft) extension cables for the HDMI and USB (my headset also isn't plugged into USB 3 with the extender or atleast thats what oculus says) I tried removing the extenders once and it still black screened even with a direct connection. One time it also came back after a black screen but no other time has it happened. I tried playing games on both the oculus and steam stores and they both black out I can't see anything even oculus or steam overlays. Ask me anyhting about the issue I'll make sure to respond I will also make a ticket on oculus just wanted to post it hear aswell.


    Brain Burst
    the game crash to black screen has been happening randomly to my son, please let us know if you find the reason or solution! 
  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 46
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    I found a few fixes on YouTube, I don't know if they work since I do not have the problem
    I am not allowed to post the links since I am too new here but one fix is by Veterock 360 and another fix is by Downloadable Content
    Hope this is of some help, Good Luck

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