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(Oculus Quest) Sleepmode during gameplay.

DinoPackYTDinoPackYT Posts: 1
Yesterday I was attempting to use my Quest, as normal. Whenever I start playing, after a few seconds (about 10s I'd say) the screen goes darker, then shuts off. I've posted in r/OculusQuest for a quick reply/fix but the only fix I received is cleaning the sensor at the top of the Quest. I just cleaned it, and it didn't fix it. I don't know how related this is, but twice I got a "SystemUX has stopped" error. I've googled it and my Quest still works, and I can use it. (with the exception of the whole issue I have here) I'm starting to wonder if this is the cause. My Quest's battery life died two nights ago, and the issue started right after I used it after charging it. I don't wanna try doing a factory reset if I don't need to.
Thanks, Dino-Pack.
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