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Left lens frequently freezes (Rift, not Rift S)

CharlzoidCharlzoid Posts: 1
So I've actually had this issue for a very long time and no matter where I look, I can't find anyone with the same issue as me. But when I try to play any game whether it's from the Oculus store or a separate program, the game will always freeze in specifically my left lens. My cable has been very twisted for a very long time so that's what I suspect is the issue, but I still wanted a second opinion before I buy another one to then find out that wasn't the issue.


  • CuteKannaXICuteKannaXI Posts: 1
    I been experiencing the issue as of late. I'm Not 100% sure what the problem is. Did you ever get yours resolved?
  • AdrianG001AdrianG001 Posts: 7
    Brain Burst

    First make sure that the headset is plugged in firmly, the cable comes out of the headset if you remove the foam, it can come loose causing the issue you are describing.

    Assuming that it is connected firmly and the issue is still happening, most likely it is a power delivery issue, I'm going to venture a guess that the hub you got is passive and doesn't take power from the wall. You need a powered hub to make sure the headset gets enough current consistently, if it doesn't you get random drops in one or both eyes while you move your head around.

  • JewsbestfriendJewsbestfriend Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    Same issue here. I opened a support ticket yesterday. The official response for us Rift users is:

    "At this time, I must let you know that as Rift is a product that is no longer in market, our team is evaluating options for customers outside of warranty. For further information and updates, please keep an eye on our public communications channels.

    I asked what these communication channels are and was told to visit this forum. It looks like we have to figure this out together and this is the place to do it. 

    They asked me to take videos, so here they are:  

    My headset, sensors, and cables are in excellent condition. My computer has a 1080Ti, i7-8700K, and 16GB RAM. It's a great gaming rig running all games on ultra settings. So this issue with the left lens freezing is very odd.

    Let's keep each other posted if we find any fixes for this.


  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 398
    How's the graphics card drivers? You might want to revert few versions backwards or update to newest and see if that helps. 
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  • JewsbestfriendJewsbestfriend Posts: 3
    Hi Netheri,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what happens when I roll back my Nvidia driver. Currently, I'm using 446.14. I'l try 388.59 since I just read an article about it re: rift. See here:

    I'll update you when I'm done. Thanks again.


  • JewsbestfriendJewsbestfriend Posts: 3
    No luck with drivers. I updated after this post, but that didn't help. Rolling back to 388.59 didn't help. 
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