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Guillotine Simulator - Is the Dev here?

ReTReT Posts: 191
edited May 2013 in Games and Apps
Sorry if this has already been posted or mentioned elsewhere (I personally couldn't find it on these forums) but I just HAD to share this video/article with everyone - This looks CRAZY! lol.

I'd love to get the Dev involved on here for some more info :P


  • JOHIsaacJOHIsaac Posts: 95
    How "bad" is this ;-)

    I also loved one of the comments from cu2o:
    Being a Soya, not able to move, and seeing how a harvesting machine slowly approaches.

    What about lying on a street with full body awareness and a steamroller slowly approaches ;-)

    Damn I'm getting way to morbid :-)

    I saw a TV Show once where people had to lay down their hand to the right side of a wooden wall and on the left side, where naturally your hand would be is a plastic arm with hand. The controller of the test does now tickleing your real hand and out of the sudden grabs a hammer from below the table and smash it on the plastic hand.

    People done this test declared that they accually where able to feel the pain.
  • pyjamadspyjamads Posts: 1
    Not sure if Erikki or André is on this forum yet, but I'll tell them to post here...

    In the meantime the game jam game is publicly available over at
  • MrGeddingsMrGeddings Posts: 604
    honestly i think this was done as a kinda joke. thing for the Rift. fun i guess. but .....i hate how Gamespot ends up reporting about it as it will send the wrong impression to people who dont understand the rift lol stupid gamespot. but interesting concept anyways lol. though to me if you dont feel the real threat of getting your head cut off its not going to be the same haha. though to be honest id never want to be in that situation for sure ;-). hah.
  • Felix12gFelix12g Posts: 149
    Brain Burst
    A karate chop, the poor man's haptics.

    Only gripe I have about that demo is that they should have set it up so you'd see it coming, not have to twist your head up. A headsman with an axe walking up in full view would probably do a better job on the anticipation side than the quick snick of a guillotine.
    Code Monkey
  • SubcideSubcide Posts: 55
    Brain Burst
    This made me think how amazing the opening prologue scene of the first Modern Warfare game would be with Rift support :D
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    It's projects like this that really show the creativity and potential for new experiences you can have with VR.
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