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Auto Shutoff - Come on Guys get it together!

acruxxxacruxxx Posts: 2
i spent several hundred dollars on a device that specifically says geared more for media purposes, specifically to watch movies/TV on, but cannot get thru 1 episode of anything without it shutting off on me thinking its not being used!!! Do you have any idea how frustrating this is? i have to remember to purposely jerk around every few minutes just for it to NOT shut off?? Come on, i know at least one your developers has used a go before and HAS to know how annoying this is. i cant even use this thing because of this non feature. Please, for the love of GOD, do something about this!!! i will be forever grateful.


  • aguy10aguy10 Posts: 7
    I hope you bothered to at least change the sleep time options.
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