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Payment methods not accepted??

theyuvstertheyuvster Posts: 2
So I just got my quest last night and I've been trying to buy games and all of my payment methods are not working. I've tried every single one of my debit and credit cards and even tried connecting my paypal account. I called my bank and they said nothing was wrong on their end so it must be oculus. I already sent a support ticket about the issue, but it's just kind of infuriating that i have to wait to hear back when I've already waited over two weeks to get the quest. I dont really wanna wait anymore i just want to play something already lol. Otherwise its just useless?? Has anyone been able to fix this issue/have any useful tips?? Thanks


  • RashiNarenRashiNaren Posts: 1
    I've had the exact same issue with my Quest that arrived a week ago now. I have reached out to the support team and raised a ticket. They said they are working on it. Have you been able to solve this issue?
  • darkshark397darkshark397 Posts: 3
    im having the same issue at this point i am ready to return it! have anyone received help yet?
  • AamaniksAamaniks Posts: 4
    Did you try creating a new account?? Did that work??
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