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Star Trek Bridge Crew - Cross Buy?

Operator21Operator21 Posts: 1
Does Bridge Crew still support cross buy? I saw some discussions saying that if you own game + dlc on ubisoft store then you can get it free for oculus quest and if you have jsut base game you can buy it with discount. Is this still true? I wish to buy this game to play it both on PC and my Quest but I am unsure on which store should I buy it.


  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,351 Valuable Player
    Yes it does.
  • theVanZantheVanZan Posts: 1
    How did you get on with this may I ask? Because the base game was on sale on Ubisoft's Store for €10 and I purchased it. I had read about the cross buy. The surprise was I never received a key to redeem. The email said the game was already activated. I checked my uPlay account and it's not there. Bit baffled.
  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 829
    There are two version of the game on the ubisoft store, Oculus and Vive for steam, you only get crossbuy of you bought the Oculus version as crossbuy is not supported with the steam version, but if you bought the oculus version then the Quest version will be free to download on your Quest, just find it on the Quest store and claim it. ;)
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