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help with playing open world with oculus go. Red Dead Redemption 2 v/r and youtube

daubbie56daubbie56 Posts: 5
Please to all this. I want to play an open world using red dead redemption 2, but I dont know how to even get started!!!!
I have some youtube videos showing how it goes but it doesn't show what to do once I play the video. Keeps going back to the guy speaking
about the video. How do I start the free roam feature. Do I have to buy the whole game and then just walk around doing whatever I want without regards to the game? or what???
How do I get it in V/R using my headset??? How do I actually do some of the things their doing in the video like robbing etc???
Where do I access the game??? What about the map and settings???
I've been at this for days!!!!

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