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Oculus Quest (v.655140.23520.0) "voice commands" option is missing from "Quick Actions"

jacutisjacutis Posts: 2
I recently purchased my Quest and it is fully updated. Looking at all of the guides and videos I can find, Everything states that it is as simple as going to "Quick Actions" in the new menu and selecting the "Voice Commands" option. The problem I have, is that it is not there. I have Mute mic, Night Display, DND and Reset View" there is no option for Voice Commands. How do I enable this feature?


  • jacutisjacutis Posts: 2
    Correction on version. That is the OS version. The actual version is ""
  • SeyelentEcoSeyelentEco Posts: 1
    Voice Commands has not been rolled out to everyone yet and is still in Beta.
  • cesar.heudebertcesar.heudebert Posts: 1
    I just updated to version 19, but I do not have voice commands that is showed on the demo. Why?
  • Xentar13Xentar13 Posts: 2
    Mine worked briefly after updating to version 19 then it suddenly stopped working again even when doing the double press on the Oculus button. 
  • pietergear360pietergear360 Posts: 3
    edited July 31
    i live in holland same here no voice commands no shortcut for screenschots (oculus button and triger) .
    universal menu is on ...
    are we discriminated here in europa
    give us those extra options
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