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Very low performance and gpu usage in Asgard's Wrath

NaxFMNaxFM Posts: 1
Hi guys, i've been enjoying Asgard's Wrath on my rift cv1 for a while, but now i got a grand new quest and the game is really unplayable.
I have a ryzen 3600X at 4.15Ghz and a rx5700xt, so plenty of power for the game, but the problem is the same i had with my old cv1: the GPU doesn't get loaded at all.
The average load sits at around 40% with spikes up to 60% and the frame rate is a constant 32fps (half the refresh rate), way too low to enjoy the experience. With the old cv1, while the gpu load was still the same, at least the fps were 45, so it was somewhat playable, but now is just a nightmare...
After all these months, is there a fix for this?
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