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Why don't you care about poor people Oculus

WesElliotWesElliot Posts: 5
Why discontinue it. You are clearly money stealers and not everyone has $400


  • aguy10aguy10 Posts: 66
    Brain Burst
    They're still supporting the Go with updates till 2022.
  • MradrMradr Posts: 4,178 Valuable Player
    edited July 27
    Because a better lower price headset is coming... 

    1) You ask them for support "roblox"
    2) You next ask them to support controllers
    3) You are not as happy with any "support"/features the GO gives

    Over all you blame them for not supporting GO - its because GO wasn't built for that. It was simply a media device. NOT a game console like Quest and Rift S can do. More or less the next headset is going to be the right step up for you.
  • Octoman567Octoman567 Posts: 1
    For a media device it still has lots of games on it. Maybe not of the same complexity of the Quest. but they are there. Overall im fine with it. But if they make it so all the shit i bought disappears after 2022. Im going to be pissed. 
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 7,110 Valuable Player
    I think Oculus cares most about people with limited funds. That's why Oculus don't want to make hmds costing $1,000, but tries to give you the best VR experience for the lowest price.

    Wait a few months, maybe Oculus soon will be ready with a new and cheaper Quest 2. 
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  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 516
    edited August 1
    Me thinks that we will see "The Costco Effect" play out... in which there will never be an available product sold for below a certain cost.  Example: You can find this year's newest $1,000 laptop at Costco discounted for $800, along with last year's $1,000 (previously discounted to $800) laptop marked down to $500.  But you will NEVER find the previous year's $500 laptop for $300.
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